Only 150 DVD Copies Left - Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown

I kid you not! I'm stunned!!! (How many exclamation marks can I write!!!!)

That whacking great pallet of DVDs was delivered to our house ten days ago. Liz wondered for how long she'd be stepping around it in the conservatory.

Now I have just three boxes left in the corner of my edit suite. Three boxes with 50 in each!

Already I've sent out e-mails seeking quotes for bulk replication - fast.

Meanwhile four, rather astute retailers, grabbed 20 copies each at the Paddle 09. So they'll soon be for sale in the shops at in Jersey, Stirling Canoes in Stirling, KariTek in Ayrshire and Reed Chillcheater (who co-sponsored the DVD).

I'm awfully sorry and a little embarrased, but other retailers will have to wait until the next batch arrive. Get 'em while they're hot!

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Solent Sea kayak said...

Just fantastic to hear, but to be honest I'm not surprised as the DVD is absolutely brilliant. Well done Simon :-)