Only 250 Copies Left - DVD Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown

Our first day at Paddle 09 was a staggeringly, enormous success. We started selling DVDs before the premier.

If you're thinking of buying, please don't delay. Out of the entire pressing, I only have 250 copies left. And I'll sell a lot of them today here at Perth. To be sure of your copy for Christmas, buy here.

I was very cautious with the number of DVDs I had replicated. Distributors Cordee warned DVDs don't sell as well as books so they'd probably only need 200 across the year. I'd never done this before, so I didn't replcate too many. Now with distributors around the world taking boxes of 50 at a time and a regular stream of online orders, I'm down to my last 250. And that's before I send any to Cordee for UK retailers.

At this rate, I will have to do a second pressing, but I might not get any copies to UK-wide retailers until just before Christmas. To be sure of your copy, buy here.

When the time came to show the 35 minute version I had edited specially for Paddle 09, SCA CEO Stuart Smith had to organise more chairs and benches to fit everyone into the main coaching hall. He later told me that with more than 250 people at our presentation it was the best attended of the day. Which is nice.

It also coincided with the opening of our eBay shop where, it seems, some people prefer to buy rather than on the main site.


john f - U.S.A. said...

Can you verify whether the DVD is playable in The States? Region code is ok?

Thank you!

Simon said...

Hi John

The DVDs are Region 0 so they are not affected by region limitations.

However, the ones I have here in Scotland are PAL format which we use in Europe, Australasia and South Africa.

The NTSC format is common in the US, Canada and Japan. A PAL DVD won't play on an NTSC machne.

Our NTSC versions are being pressed in Colorado at the moment from where they'll also be dispatched. Although release is scheduled for 1st Dec I hope we might start fulfilling web sales before then.

If your DVD player can play PAL format then you have a choice - you can buy now from us in the UK and I'll ship to you, although we are suffering a postal strike which is causing delays.

If you player can't show PAL, then please order the NTSC version from the website in a couple of weeks. Both will be available to buy through

Hope that's clear! Any questions, please ask.


John f - U.S.A. said...

I checked all my T.I.T.S. videos, and they are NTSC format. So, I will wait for the 'Colorado' pressings.

Thank you very much for the explanation.