200 DVDs and a Lot of Bags of Sugar

This is how our tiny village Post Office weighs large boxes. On a scale, balanced with bags of sugar!

400 copies of the DVD Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown will arrive soon at our distributors Cordee.

This is double their initial order, which I couldn't fulfill, having sold too many of the first batch. 600 went in just 10 days!

A second presing of 1000 arrived 2 days ago. But with advance orders I now have fewer than 600 left in the UK and under 550 in the US. And there's not time for another pressing before Christmas.

If you're a UK / European retailer waiting for your order, Cordee should get out to you in the next few days.

However, I suspect they might use a more sophisticated measuring aparatus.


Lou'n'Chris said...

simon - am so disappointed that your site has now become a marketing tool/ advertising form for gordon browns dvd rather than the entertaining blog it once was. i have purchased the dvd but please less plugging and more blogging !

Simon said...

Hi Lou 'n' Chris

Hmm, what a well observed point. You're right. It's not deliberate. the blog reflects what's going on in my life and, at the moment, it's dominated by this damn DVD!

But I appreciate you leaving the comment and I will do my best to steer away from this.

There IS more to life!!!

Morag said...

Lou 'n' Chris was thinking that myself and I'm in the DVD but wasn't sure if I should say anything.

So thanks for vocalising my thoughts.

Morag (Brown)

louise said...

thanks Simon. Good to have u back! :-)