DVD - 2 Reviews

I'm not writing only about the DVD, Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown. But I can't really ignore significant developments either.

Two North American reviews appeared this week. Different geography, styles and kayaking traditions bring a different perspective.

Have Kayaks, will Travel website describes Gordon's approach in his book and DVD as bringing 'idiosyncratic perspectives'. Depends where you stand I guess.

Chicago Area Sea Kayakers produced an equally helpful and occasionally self-contradicting review. They kindly posted a response from me to their main criticism, that mixing Journey and Coaching produced a 'hybrid' film.

My thanks to both for their valuable reviews. I should emphasise - both saw the Preview copies.

I had explained at length, the Preview copies had different menus to the Final versions. Preview copies could only be watched with the Journey and Coaching mixed. Most reviewers understood and reported this. So let's be clear.

In the US / Canadian version for sale now, viewers can watch the Journey; or the Coaching; or a mix of the two. You can go back and study each coaching session one by one, or all the Coaching Sessions together.

This was achieved by the superb menu architecture coded by Alison at Stable Recordings.

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