US / Canadian Online Store Clarification

A reader has asked me to clarify the availability of the NTSC version of the DVD Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown.

The fastest way to ensure you receive a copy is to use our Online store. Priced US $29.95 payment is via PayPal. You don't need a PayPal account, just a valid credit card. Shipping is free worldwide, but international orders may incur local taxes or duty.

These DVDs are shipped by a fufillment company in Colorado, not from me here in deepest darkest Scotland. So they'll reach you quicker. You can't buy from that company.

If you are a retailer and wish to purchase bulk orders, then please contact our distributors for the US and Canada, The Heliconia Press.

Heliconia Press have already started shipping to retailers around North America, so the DVD might appear in other stores soon. Beware - some might take orders without holding stock, then try to order from us, so that could be a much slower route. (This happened in Europe and some customers were not happy!)

Why have I only pressed 700 copies? That's when I ran out of money!

Initially we planned a Spring launch in N.America so we could fund the operation from European sales. Fortunately, those sales exceeded predictions. This allowed me to bring forward the N.America launch.

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