Boatie - The Sea Kayaker's iPhone App

If you have an iPhone, live in the UK, and go sea kayaking, give yourself a little Christmas present in the form of this app.

Boatie is particularly handy when away from home for a few days.

It's most useful for weather forecasts, with access to Met Office Inshore Waters and synoptic charts. For both you need a mobile phone signal.

It will also provide tidal data, but again a signal is needed.

The World Tides App had all the tidal information inside the app, so no signal was needed. However, it no longer seems to be available. I hope a 2010 version will be released.

My next most useful weather app is WeatherPro. A combination of these three works well for me.


Solent Sea kayak said...

Looks interesting - wondering how it will cope with the Solent with our weird double high tides - so many online predictors fail to show that. But, being a sucker for iPhone apps think I'll have to grab a copy anyway :-)

Anonymous said...


Thanks, will have to take a look at that, I use Tucabo Marine Navigation Tides Planner on my iphone.

The most impressive app I have found for sea kayaking is the Navionics charts which include the entire British Isles and has the tidal flow data included - this makes it ideal for route planning as you can look up tidal flow for a given day and it shows rate of flow and direction.