Cheap (slightly used) Kayak Kit For Sale

We treated ourselves to some new kayak kit so I'm having a clear out.

Drop-seat salopettes in Medium and in Large

The sale ends Saturday morning.

Incidentally, it took me a while to realise how e-bay works (perhaps I'm slow on the uptake!) As a result, I missed a few items I really wanted. This is my understanding of the system - please don't berate me if I've got it wrong!

Don't wait until the last minute to get into a fastest-finger-first bidding war. Decide how much an item is worth to you and place a bid for that amount. That sum does not immediately show up in e-bay. E-bay shows you as the highest bidder, but the amount only rises by a few pounds.
For example, that Palm PDF above new costs £65. Perhaps you think it's worth £40, so that's what you bid.

If another bidder moves in at the last minute and bids £35, their bid shows up briefly. But then, without you doing anything, e-bay automatically tops their bid with yours. I'm not sure by how much exactly, but I guess it would be about £37.

All this can happen in the last few seconds. So by bidding £40, you might still get it for 0.99p if no-one else bids. If someone else bid £41, they'd get it.

That's how I bought the camcorder we used as part of our mini-cam system when recording the DVD. I missed three similar cameras until someone (Gordon I think) explained how e-bay worked.

If I've missed some subtle point, or if you'd like to correct me, please comment.

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