A Ride of Two Halfs

We've looked at the 80 mile loop around Moidart and Sunart and thought, 'what a great ride that would make'.

But too long for us to do in a day, especially with the short daylight hours of winter.

So Liz hit on the idea of dropping the car almost half way, tackling the hilliest section on day one as we rode home, then riding back to the car on day two.

We rode the first part yesterday and now we're back in the saddle finishing off the rest.

Which we duely did. Although the GPS track is a little odd.

On the way out, the Garmin Edge 305 stopped working for a while, so it looks like we switched to jet bike.

Then for the return drive, I forgot to switch the unit off again, so it looks like we had a heck of a long ride.

Now we just need to ride the whole 80 miles in one day.

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