Sea Kayak Podcasts & Sea Kayak Routes is no longer a Podcast website.

I've done some housekeeping and turned it into an online log of our trips in Scotland.

I hope it will be useful to others as it has launch coordinates, photos and GPS tracks of the routes we've done.

There's also an interactive map, so you can find the route by clicking an icon

There's a little more organising to do, but it's nearly finished. is now the home of the Podcasts.

They're being uploaded as m4a files, but for those who prefer the mp3 versions, they're stored in the Podcast library.

There's quite a large collection there now.

I haven't stopped adding podcast, but I do so at fairly random intervals - such is life.

To ensure you don't miss a new podcast is to check this blog regularly, or better still, subscribe to the Podcast feed by clicking the 'subscribe' button on its front page.


robpealing said...

Many thanks for all the hard work you put into these podcasts. I thoroughly enjoy them.
best wisihes
Rob Pealing,
NS Canada

Simon said...

Thanks Rob
Much appreciated.