Coup Attempt at Scottish Canoe Association?

I'm honestly not sure what's going on at the Scottish Canoe Association - hence the question mark in the title above.

But it looks like a coup attempt.

This statement from the SCA Board to all SCA Members (PDF) shows how acerbic things have become. The board accuses 25 members, who have requested a General Meeting, of making statements which are untrue. Close to calling them liars. Why?

The 25 members have called a General Meeting on 24th January. Their names (I don't know any of them) are listed in the Calling Notice (PDF) as are the three items they wish discussed. Two involve fees, while the third, and seemingly most important item, requests a review of coaching and the UKCC Awards in Scotland.

Some very specific terms are set out for this review. In particular, the SCA members who conduct the review should not be SCA officers, officials, technical or other committee or board members.

To me, that's the bit which sounds like a coup attempt.

This whole issue is like an iceberg with much more below the surface. It has a long history too, growing in size and frigidity over the years. There's also the constant threat of topping over and wrecking all around. I wonder - is that the objective?

The response document from the SCA Board (PDF), in formal language, requests all members to vote against all three resolutions. Either turn up in person, they say, or return the voting form giving authority to the Chair of the meeting. The voting paper, Calling Notice and Board Response, was mailed to every SCA Member. I'd recommend reading them and voting.

Notice what's missing? The 'other side' of the argument. Shouldn't the mail-shot have included an un-moderated statement from the gang of 25?

If the 25 send a statement to me I'll reproduce it in full.

According to a contribution on this Forum thread, the 25 signatories apparently did not take up the opportunity to meet and discuss the wording of what was being sent out. I suspect it might be more complicated than that.

Members should vote the way they feel is correct. But vote. For more discussion, check out this Forum Thread.

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