Divided By A Common Language

We're making available a written transcript of the coaching sessions in the DVD Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown.

One or two American customers have told me they've struggled to comprehend certain parts of the coaching due to Gordon's Scottish accent.

Now, I had tested this with friends in Spain and Norway, all of whom found they could 'tune in' to Gordon's way of speaking. Because they could understand him, I did not anticipate the need for subtitles in the US.

No matter. Customers can now download PDF transcripts of the coaching sessions, including a Spanish translation by Wenley. Links will soon be on the main DVD website too.


cubus said...

oi dont maind his ruff akzent oi understaand his langwish ;-)

in fact althoug being a german I don´t find difficulties in understanding. it is much easier than yorkshire or cornish accent.

You and Gordon really did a great job. I wouldn´t react to people living on another island which is only slightly bigger than skye ;-)


christian Dingenotto
(enthusiastic couch potatoe paddler)

Simon said...

Hi Christian
That gave me a good laugh, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hoots Mon!

its nae as if Groundsman Willy needs subtitles in the Simpsons!