Do People Still Buy DVDs?

He posted a few days ago, and if you haven't commented yet I'd urge you to contribute your thoughts. I'm fascinated to hear the conclusions!

Derrick asks: Are we video’d out and so far buried in the Youtube glut that we no longer value professional work? Are we less apt to pay for something we perceive we can get for free elsewhere? Maybe it’s oppositely true that we’re more apt to buy something because all the free junk makes us well aware of the good stuff? Maybe there is still so few of us who live online, that we won’t effect the outcome either way.. What are your thoughts on the state of media today?

Bear in mind Bryan Smith, creator of Eastern Horizons and Pacific Horizons, has decided to make his next release, The Season, available as a 22 episode download through iTunes.

I have absolutely no idea how Bryan can make money from this. Advertsing sponsorship? I hope he shares the secret!

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