Eastern USA Circumnavigation. Eh?

A kayaker called Jacob Stachovak has recently set out to kayak the route in this map. It's 5,000 mile a circumnavigation of the eastern part of the USA.

It's a backyard adventure to prove exciting times can be had anywhere. By passing through small towns, all linked by water, Jake hopes to show how we are all linked.

Nice idea. But.... Read this blog entry.

After just 27 days he is having a tough time. Not with the kayaking. "My problem seems to be with towns and the people therein", he says.

Like being sprayed in the eyes for a prank. Like subsequently receiving little help when he was clearly in distress. Not nice idea.

When we hiked the Pacific Crest Trail (our journal) the people we met turned out to be the highlight of our trip, but in a good way. I can only hope things take a turn for the better for Jake.

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