Ferry News Becomes 'Ferry Crisis'!

The Leader of Highland Council now reportedly describes the situation with our Corran Ferry as a 'Real crisis'.

That's quite a ramping up. Last week this was discussed at a public meeting. Yesterday it was on a newspaper front page. Today, The Press And Journal newspaper has followed up the story.

It's the story you've read here before with two extra points.

Firstly, all the diverted traffic would go past the end of the Council Leader's drive.

Secondly, he make the point there's a 'clear risk of sudden and serious failure' of the ferry jetty. So is it safe to keep in service now?

At least he's insisting other options are investigated, such as night-time only working and/or a temporary slipway. There will be more to come!


Douglas Wilcox said...

Simon, I just knew you were dying to show these rough crossing photos again. Go on, show us the other one, you know we all want you to!


Simon said...

Hi Douglas
The way this story is going I'll need all the shots soon!