Ferry News = Front Page News

Two days after it was on this blog, of course. Then I wrote in the Comments, 'I'm sure we haven't heard the last of this'.

David Ross is a respected journalist and he immediately identifies the key issue.

He writes, "Some of the most westerly communities in the British mainland are predicting weeks of gridlock when the Corran Ferry is suspended, meaning round trips to Fort William will increased by almost 75 miles."

Exactly. This is not the issue Highland Council would like to address. Their representatives prefer to argue, 'the work must be done so the ferry must be shut'. That's not the point.

Can the work be done in a different way to reduce the closure duration? They don't know.
What alternatives have been considered, such using the small ferry to one of the Ballachulish slipways? Don't know.

How will they manage the huge traffic flow around tiny roads? Not only had they not spoken to the Police until just before last week's public meeting, they have not done a risk assesment on the road diversion.

Yes, we will hear more of this.

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Fiona said...

It was even on Radio Orkney yesterday morning. Apparently Highland Council and Orkney Islands Council may prepare a joint bid for European funding for a feasability study into fixed links. Hope they sort something out about the Corran ferry a bit sooner than that though!