Not Good Weather for Ducks

Ducks can look grumpy. Especially when their pond is frozen.
They don't ice skate - after all, it is pretty tricky with those webbed feet.

And while they might be capeable of displaying very few emotions, 'grumpy' is one they most definitely 'do'.

A 13 hour drive brought us back to Strontian on Saturday. Sunday was spent getting everything dug out or gritted or warmed-up.

It was -10c overnight. Some readers in snowy North America or Scandinavia may scoff at such balmy temperatures. But here, we are simply no longer accustomed to such a long, big freeze.

It hasn't (hardly) snowed since we left. But that dump of snow before Christmas has gone through the destructive metamorphosis cycle of freeze-thaw. The result is as hard as concrete.

For our crofter friends, it means struggling up and down the hill with supplies of water for their cows, pigs, geese and chickens. And, of course, breaking the ice on the duck pond.

Yesterday's Scotland On Sunday forecast this cold spell was set to last for another two weeks. The ducks are going to be grumpy for some time yet.

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Solent Sea kayak said...

You're right when you say we are not used to prolonged to these conditions any more. Childhood memories are of being snowed in for several days in the village I grew up in each year and everyone was used to it and prepared for it. However, it's been 15+ years since that happened.

The Solent area looks like it's about to get hit by snow and ice over the next couple of days which is quite unusual as the relatively warmer coastal conditions down here usually mean we miss out on snow.

Glad you made it home safely!