Outdoor Clothing e-bay Sale Ends Wednesday

This GoLite Windshirt is a classic piece of kit, almost historic.

It and the other pieces below are for sale by auction on e-bay. It's Medium size.

The sale ends Wednesday morning. I can only ship to the UK, sorry.

At the moment they're all going for less than £5.

If you're not sure how to get the best from e-bay I've put a little advice at the bottom of this post.

This windshirt is made to the design of ultralight hiking guru Ray Jardine. He drew the design in
Two other items.

I once did some photography work for Calange and had my pick of their catalogue. The jacket below was my favourite top. A windproof shell over a smooth fleece liner. It's a sperb piece of kit to have in your emergency bag as it can be worn next to the skin or over other clothing.

There's a long front zip and long side zips to allow ventilation and a big, usful front bib pocket. It's a great belay jacket when climbing too. (why the heck am I selling this....?)

This Berghaus Valkyrie fleece below is snuggly warm and in great condition. I've used it more as a 'pub-top' although it's goon on the hill too with a warm 'tunnel' hand pocket. It's sized Medium, but it's more like a Large.

When you see something you want to buy on e-bay, I recommend you work out in your own mind how much you're willing to pay for it. Then bid that amount, plus perhaps 50p so it's not a round fingure. Your bid will not leap to that amount, you've just set the maximum you're prepared to pay. Your bid will actually rise by only a few pounds. Unless, of course, someone else has also set a maximum. If your maximum is higher, then the bid will rise to a few quid over the defeated maximum and you'll still be winning. Try it. It's easy, as long as you stick to your maximum.

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