Utterly Superb Footage

This sequence shows the sort of footage Bryan Smith and Matt Maddaloni's new 'cable cam' can produce. For a video maker, this is absolutely mind blowing with one of the highest 'how the f*** did they do that" factor I've seen in ages. Seriously, seriously impressive.

In the summer of 2009, Reel Water Productions teamed up with expert rigger and engineer Matt Maddaloni to design a remote control cable cam. Complete with pan/tilt/roll, zoom and focus control, and a motor that drives the thing at over 60kph we had an amazing year in the field.


David H. Johnston said...

Thanks so much for the site plug. I'm really looking forward to the new webtv series Bryan is working on, The Season.

It looks fantastic.

David J.

Gordon Brown said...

Absolutely stunning footage, can't wait to see how it will work along a piece of coast.


Simon said...

Gordon - see if you can borrow Bryan and his rigging team.