What A Musician

This is Alex Cornish and, in my humble opinion, he is going to be a very, very successful musician.

The 'next big thing'.

Superb song writing, a great ear for a melody line, an excellent voice, and an ability to play almost any instrument put in front of him. Not to mention good looking and skinny too.

Thirty of us were preveleged to hear him play at Watercolour Music's new studio in Ardgour. Alex had been recording some of his second album there with Nick Turner and Mary Ann Kennedy on Clarsach.

I bought Alex's first album Until the Traffic Stops and it's excellent! Sadly it doesn't have his cover version of the Guns 'n' Roses classic 'Sweet Child Of Mine', but you can find that on his MySpace page.

To watch him use an amazing piece of kit called a 'Loop Pedal' on one of his orginal songs, watch the video below. We saw this live and it is outstanding.

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