And Now The Ferry News.... (again)

Last night's public meeting in Strontian heard the latest on the proposed disruption to the Corran Ferry.

The headline from the meeting is that the 4 week ferry suspension will now probably be in September or October, not May and June as originally planned. BBC report.

But what a meeting! After an 8pm start we endured one and a half hours of slow torture by powerpoint.

It was good Highland Council asked their expert contractor to explain the problem. It was not good that three people used the same slides to explain the same thing three times.

"There'll be fifteen minutes for questions", we were told. Consultation in action? No they had been listening.

Indeed, the message has got through to both sides. It seems fairly certain this closure will now happen. But the businesses on the peninsular are heaving a sigh of relief that it will be the back end, not the start of the tourist season.

We've been doing other things today, but I await local reaction to all this.

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