Next Winter's Logs

Ordered before Christmas they arrived this week and took us by surprise.

These are the hardwood logs we'll be burning next year. This year's store of hard wood is going down fast.

We have some softwood drying, but I doubt it will be ready until the summer. It took us best part of a day to get this lot stacked in the various places where it can dry under cover.

I like our wood burning stove, but carrying and stacking the logs is a real chore.


Ian said...

Simon, You've got to embrace the ethos! We use about a ton and a half a year - I purpose-built a woodstore on the north end of the house to store and dry the stuff.

The secretis to enjoy the fact that it warms you three times; once splitting, once stacking and once when you burn it!

At least it's not peats.....

all the best


Simon said...

Cheers Ian - and of course you're right. There's a warm feeling too knowing we're ready for next winter.