Video - Blue Peter Presenter Kayaking On The Amazon

b'>You have to get past the advert, but then there's a short piece from Helen Skelton who hopes to kayak 2010 miles along the River Amazon for Sport Relief. Here's a map of her progress.

On the video she says she has covered 250 miles in a week. Her diary, updated later, shows that after nine days she is close to 400 miles. She's going well. With the flow of course.

Helen has wrapped her hands in white tape to prevent them blistering. She says the tape is replaced every few hours, "under the watchful eye of Dr Lucy Dickinson".

What with the camera crew and support boast, and having realised now how far Freya kayaked, you'll notice this is no longer bileld as a record breaking solo expedition.

But good on her for the attempt! Read her Amazon diary here. There's also more on the Telegraph's website.

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