Day Job

Earlier this week I drove to Edinburgh and back in a day, around 300 miles. (The 'campital' as my daft fingers typed it).

While there, I developed a shooting brief for a client, and then shot the first part of their video. So all-in-all a busy day.

My time since then has been spent scripting, setting up other elements and generally making sure everything comes together for what I hope will be a two-day shoot next week.

However, I did manage to squeeze a bike ride into the week's activities.

I had to take the van to the garage in Fort William and leave it overnight. An excellent opportunity, I thought, to take the road bike and ride the 45 miles home, as I have done a couple of times previously.

Then, I bonked. Part way home, I had to call Liz and ask her to pick me up in the car.

I know I can ride more than 35 miles.

Poor nutrition from eating just snacks on the Edinburgh journey, combined with a lack of winter training left me 'legless', and not in the drunken way.

So I'm heading out for a run. Right now. Off road, of course.

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