Flat Pack Fever

The old desk was barely big enough for all the bits which come with editing. It was certainly too small if I buy a new MacPro to edit. (Now a big 'IF'),

So Monday's Glasgow journey included a visit to the Swedish furniture giant Ikea.

It was the only firm who could provide a desk long enough to accommodate what I wanted - room for the iMac at one end, and a new edit system in the middle.

Today Liz and I had to assemble the damn thing. Actually it was easier than I feared.

The difficuty was taking apart all the stuff which used to be in there and finding new places for it. I'd had a massive clear out and sold lots on e-bay.

It's always great to get rid of 'stuff'.

But next thing I knew it's 8pm in the evening - where did yesterday go?

I hadn't missed much of a day. Snow and high winds caused traffic choas on the main road here. Glencoe was shut (I'm told) and today doesn't look much better.

Filming I had scheduled for this morning had been cancelled.

So it looks like I can spend a little more time deciding whether or not to invest in this damn computer. After yesterday's excellent advice (see comments) I might wait for a while....

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