GoPro Hero HD Camera - 1st Test

These are my first attempts using the tiny camera to shoot cycling. I've had it clamped on my helmet, pointing forward and back, and handle bars, pointing forward and up. Most successful in my opinion are the sequences where I've used it hand-held. Of course, these are just my first attempt and I've downconverted to SD. I'm impressed.


paddlingOTAKU said...

Big fan of this camera! I am editing a ten minute documentary about a cycling trip as I type this shot entirely with the HD. I use it to shoot video for my paddling blog ( and generally have fun here is one of the first tests I did with it paddling.


Solent Sea kayak said...

Anyway of fitting to a standard tripod screw in mount out of the box? Currently have one of these: Kayalu Kayacam to play with.

Simon said...

Hi PO - Your paddling shots are superb! You're treating the camera so freely it's great to see the results. I'm very keen to see how the cycling one turns out.

Duncan - not in the box, no. But they cost just £9. Last item on this page.


Paddling Otaku said...

Thanks Simon, That's flattering. Still tweaking the cycling edit, I will probably post it Wednesday.