Hey - That's Me on Google Street View!

Spotted by eagle-eyed Eleanor, one of the paddlers in the DVD Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown.

The bloke in the blue shirt and salopettes at Elgol is me, and that's our campervan in the car park.

Not a bad view eh? Not sure if it's a 'street' exactly...

I'm looking down because I was videoing the Google car as it drove through this small village on the tip of Skye.

As it left I also manged to get a still photo of it.

From the time-stamp on that photo I know it was taken at 10:04 on 8th June 2009.

I was using Street View yesterday to plan a visit to a client in Edinburgh.

As you read this I'll be somewhere en-route to the campital to discuss a video project and, if all goes well, shoot on of the interviews.

It's the first time I'd used Street View to see where I'll be going in advance, and it was hugely helpful. I now know exactly which building to look for.

So quite a coincidence to hear from Eleanor that she'd been browsing too and found me.


Anonymous said...


Simon said...

I need a better spell-check, don't I!

Although on reflection, 'campital' might be a useful word in a different context - capital of camp perhaps?


paddlingOTAKU said...

from your headline I thought google was doing kayak routes as well as bicycle routes ( a feature they just added)

Eleanor said...

I was looking at my auntie's house in Torrin, and guess what Simon, you pop up there too! Lurking in a passing place just along the road north of the Outdoor Centre... presumably the Google car must have been waiting at Elgol quite a while.