Sunart Media - On The Front Page

I was rather surprised to see my face staring out of the front page of the Press and Journal last Friday.

A couple of weeks ago I'd given an interview to Susan Weir from their Jobs section about leaving the BBC and starting Sunart Media.

Most of my business comes is non-adventure related, but this was what Susan wanted to focus on. No matter.

As articles go, it's pretty accurate. There's a tiny spot of confusion. She has Gordon Brown working at Glenmore Lodge, and Doug Cooper making a DVD with me.

Apart from that, it's good publicity for my young business.

Incidentally, that photo in the cover was taken by Liz when we were out on the Treshnish Isles a couple of years ago.

The small camera, the Sony A1E, was out as I'd been 'shooting' puffins.

We head out most years to the Treshnish Isles, although I only have one trip recorded in

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