Tai Chi Ch'uan

John Grocott, principal instructor and founder of the Silk Road School of Tai Chi Ch'uan came to the Sunart Centre yesterday here in Strontian.

There was a good turn out for the three hour session. Our bodies were left realising they'd had a work-out.

Remembering the parts of the 'form' we'd learnt are a real struggle.

Something to practice... perhaps.

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Paddling Otaku said...

Having done Tai Chi and Karate for years, yes, remembering and keeping them active is a chore, but also very rewarding. I see many parallels between my martial arts life, and my paddling life, Which is a big part of my blog, drawing them together. I find many similarities between the yin/yang symbol you posted and everything paddling. I have also found in teaching paddling, that martial artists make wonderful paddlers. they both come down to rotation, for starters.