Crowded Mountains at Easter? Not Here!

Loch Sunart and Loch Shiel in one photograph.

Taken on a glorous Good Friday from the summit of Ben Resipol looking west. We had superb views over the Small Isles (you can see some of Muck in the top right corner).

And we saw not one single other walker.

When we moved to Ardnamurchan we hadn't fully appreciated the benefit of not having a Munro on the peninsula. Now we do!

While the popular hills will be thronged this weekend, we could enjoy a good hike in glorious isolation. At 944m, this hill has more than 900m of ascent - more than many Munros. And the views are superb.

Hey what am I saying? Sorry - what I meant to say is "it's awful here. Terrible walking, honestly. You really wouldn't like it at all". Yeah, right.


Douglas Wilcox said...

And its puny neighbour, Garbh Bheinn, doesn't even make a Munro either. You are so right Simon, hordes will be ticking lists of must do Munros this weekend and enjoying each others' company while doing so, yes bagging is an increasingly convivial activity.

Simon said...

Douglas!!! Have you made it up stairs yet?

Douglas Wilcox said...

Not yet but hope to soon!