Hyndland Bear

I'm pleased to see one of Glasgow's most famous residents is still hard at work, entertaining the good people of Hyndland.

When we lived in Glasgow we were quite taken with this chap, as it seems are many other people. This is the famous Hyndland Paddington Bear.

He was first pointed out to me by a cameraman I was working with in 1999. Paddington sits in the bay window above Peckhams, gazing out at the street below.

The postcards on the window alonside appear to come from all around the world. I don't know if he travels much himself, but people clearly think of him when they're far away.

His clothes change with the seasons too.

Currently, he's dressed for spring, although it didn't feel very spring-like when we were there on Monday.

Lots of rumours surround this bear.

I've heard the flat was sold, and the new owners had to agree to keep the (working) bear in place.

I've also heard he disappeared for a while in 2006, that it made the TV news (!) and it was the reaction of the public which helped to bring him back. Both may just be stories.

Whatever is the case - he's still there. And I'm delighted he is. Oh, and despite the date - this is not an April Fool!


mozgor said...
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mozgor said...

I was born in 1956 and lived in Hyndland until I was 19, but my family still live there. I remember Paddington from my childhood so he must have been there since 60s. I still love watching out for him and point him out to anyone who is with me who I know wont have seen him before. He's become part of Hyndland's history - long live Hyndland Paddington Bear :o)

Anonymous said...

None of the rumours are true, it's my great aunt that lives there and has done almost all her life. He was taken down in 2006 because she worried that the sun was deteriorating him. He's back up now, as proud as ever though!

Simon said...

Wonderful! Thank you for putting the record straight.