I'm No Guru

Although that is how I have been billed. Oh dear!

I agreed to give a talk to BA students on the Adventure Tourism Management course at Lochaber College.

It's happening this Tuesday 13th April at 7pm in Fort William. Proceeds and my fee go to the RNLI.

As part of their course student had to organise a series of such lectures - from recruiting a speaker to making the event happen.

However, I am not giving one of my usual talks so I am wellout of my comfort zone.

The brief is: "...to invite a series of guest speakers to present and discuss the ways in which their businesses operate and the skills, knowledge, experience and resources required to make them a success". So I've prepared a one-off talk.

* Part one is my career providing adventure travel journalism and photography for magazines and newspapers.
* Part two is about starting my own film-making business Sunart Media.
* Part three... well, they might not sit still that long!

I'll let you know how it goes. Fingers crossed. And toes.


Solent Sea kayak said...

Good luck!! Sounds very interesting but at the same time like it needs some prep work. Do you get to see the other talks?

Simon said...

Thanks... no they're all on different days. I suspect the students were just glad to put a name in a slot... or am I being unfair?

Trust a teacher to spot the need for prep. Of course, you're right. It has taken loads of prep! Was up past midnight last night refining stuff.

All for a donation to the RNLI.....

Paddling Otaku said...

I have never been a fan of the the GURU moniker either, and I never really knew why. Though I just googled it, and was surprised to see that it is hindu/tibetan buddhist. To me it feels like a title given when we don't really know how to title you.

None the less, a great honor. Have fun.