MTB Skills Training

That's not me in the photo! It's Alastair MacLennan, one of Scotland's top downhill racers, now running the local business MTB Ride Guide.

He'll happily guide families on leisurely rides, but he's at his best when blasting down steep stuff. I'm not. That's why I hired him for half a day.

I've been riding mountain bikes for a long, long time. I've done some big routes and been published in magazines. But I learnt more with Alastair in twenty five minutes than in twenty five years.

Sea Kayaking convinced me of the benefits of coaching. Rather than allow poor, undirected technique to develop bad habits, good coaching nudges you in the right direction. So when you practice later you should be practicing correct not incorrect techniques.

Now my head is spinning more than my wheels. Body position for climbs; body, shoulder and hip position for berms; unweighting wheels for drop offs. Lots to practice. Hopefully, I'll remember the right stuff.

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