My Favourite BBC Podcasts

I listen to quite a lot of Podcasts, but two from the BBC top my list of favourites and delight me each time iTunes downloads another.

First, the hilarious The Now Show. And during the Election, the same team are also making a nightly programme called The Vote Now Show. One subscription delivers both.

The other is Americana. Presented by Matt Frei, this programme reports the people and stories shaping America. It does so with wit and style and none of the usual pomposity of news or current affairs programmes. Best start with an episode presented by Matt. This show is genuinely entertaining and informative. It's current affairs by stealth.

These make my long drives through the Highlands far more bearable. Wanna sample some?

Mitch Benn does topical songs for The Now Show. Some are a bit naff, but other hit the mark spot on. Here's his rant against those Perfect Bodies we see in magazines.

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