My Favourite Music Radio Station

Music is a very personal choice. I offer this not as a recommendation that I am sure you will like, but a suggestion which I hope you might enjoy trying.

Hey, you're an eclectic open minded person or you wouldn't read this blog.

Radio Paradise is my music radio station of choice. Only available on the internet, I first heard it at Grassroots Cafe in Glasgow. I was so taken with the choice of music I asked the waitress what station was playing.

I now listen on iTunes when I'm working on something which doesn't require total concentration (like right now!). We also have a Roberts WIFI Internet Radio which plugs into the main music system. It won't replace Radio Four as our main listening, but it's next on the list.

It's like having a really good iPod on shuffle.


paddlingOTAKU said...

unrelated to this post, I just noticed my 'gordon brown sea kayak' dvd says volume 1 on the spine....

Dude, get to work! I'm waiting.


Simon said...

Well, we have at least spoken about what goes into Vol 2!

Gordon is building a house and it is going a little slowly. Then we have an extension to ours to build.

We hope to shoot some this year, but most will be in 2011.