New Zealand DVD review

A positive review of the DVD Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown .

Written by John Kirk-Anderson and appearing in The Sea Canoeist Newsletter of the Kiwi Association of Sea Kayakers, No 145 February - March 2010.

It's really interesting to read different opinions and reactions to our innovation of making a coaching DVD which also shows a journey.

Separately, JP has sent a photo of a review in the French magazine, Kayak. Sadly my language skills are not up to translating the entire thing.

I think JP will send me a translation. I just hope it doesn't say it's awful!

(Edit - JP provided a quick translation below)

Four years ago Gordon Brown earned raving reviews from the kayaking world, with his book “ Sea Kayak”.Simple, precise, clear and complete, it was based on his kayaking experience.

Gordon, has returned today with a dvd. Good teacher, he has paraphrased his book with images, but it goes further than just to arouse the interest in going kayaking, it introduces kayak handling skills.

The first part of the dvd is dedicated to the techniques and detail gestures on how to get the skills to control your kayak in the direction you want to go. Gordon is adept at navigating close to the rocks, his objective is to give to everyone the ability to navigate through any situation.

You won’t find here a course on how to do an eskimo roll or X rescue. The essential is to practice, but also to have an enjoyable navigation, his instructions are very relevant.

The second part , shows 4 days kayaking trip along the scottish coast of the Isle of Skye. The weather is good, the area appears to be pleasant and we discover through the film sequences the need to learn some skills and their usage in a real situation. It proves that a few good images are more valuable than a long speech.

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