Superb MTB Wild Single-Track

This has to be a contender for the title, 'Best Mountain Bike Route in Scotland.'

Tarmac from Mallaig to part way down Loch Morar, then utterly superb single-track, much of it rideable.

Finally, if it's Monday or Friday, a tiny ferry trip back to Mallaig. There are more sailings in peak season.

There's not much more you need to know about this trip except that it is superb and it took us about four hours to get from Mallaig to Tarbet.

Well, there is one more thing.

There's a great bunkhouse at Tarbet costing just £2 a night, which you can't book. It's run by a fascinating chap who gave us a cup of tea. More about him and the haunted bunk-house later. For now, here are the images of a great ride.

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Douglas Wilcox said...

Brilliant Simon! I am quite, quite green with envy!