Which Witches Trail is Which?

A couple of years ago we had our first blast around one of the Witches Trails at Nevis Range.

When we returned the following year - the trail had gone! I thought I was cracking up.

However at last night's presentation (see below) when I mentioned I'd spent yesterday afternoon on the Witches Trails, someone remarked - "Oh you found the trails did you?"

Clearly others had found them somewhat tricky to locate.

The World Championship red trail, built for the 2007 championships, is a stunner. I was hugely delighted to get around the whole thing (well, excluding the Black option) with only five foot-downs.

I was going on quite a bit about it last night and tweeted about it too.

But it's years since I mountain biked seriously, and I've been working up to this.

Trail conditions were just right - not too wet to be sludgy, nor too dry to turn to loose dust.

However, I am going to have to learn how to ride drop-offs. Anything more than half wheel height and I just bottle it.

I might even take some tuition.

Imagine the call, "Hello. Can you teach an old dog new tricks?" Hey, if I can't find someone in Fort William to teach me, I'm not much of a journalist.

The 10 Under The Ben red trail was next. It's longer but a much easier option compared to the World Champs run.

There's one gnarly red downhill section, called "The Cackle" which I initially bottled, then went back and breezed.

However, I completely bottled Black Nessie, the big sting int he tail of this ride.

When I got around and down to the bottom of that section, and saw all the permanent padding and scramble netting slung around the trees, I decided discretion had been the better part of valour.

I heal slower these days.


paddlingOTAKU said...

are we going to get some gopro footage of the ride?


Simon said...

I forgot to take it!

I've started to think of the little camera as a work tool - I'll be using it on a company shoot tomorrow - so t lives with the 'work' kit. This was play.

I need to think wider.

louise said...

Simon - thanks so much for this recommendation! My husband and I were up north for a few days and headed there on Sunday. Superb! mucho thanks!! ;-)

Simon said...

Hi Louise - I'm delighted it was good for you. Next time, try this day-long excursion.