Follow Mull Trip on Twitter

See that red box to the right of this blog? It's my Twitter feed. I'm
using a new program (or at least trying to!) to track our Mull trip.
Ok it's not a major expedition, but this is a good time to test the
system. Click the link attached to the Tweet and you should be taken
to a map and photo of the location from where it was sent. When we get
home we'll discover whether it all worked.


paddlingOTAKU said...

that is actually a pretty cool system. Though I am guessing you have to have cell service where your paddling.


Simon said...

Yes you do, which is not always possible around Scotland's coast. You also need to have enough battery power for the iPhone which would be an issue after three days. Otherwise, I think this will work reasonably well.

However, there are limitations with Google Maps.

For example our second campsite looks like we're camped in the sea. Switch to hybrid view and you discover Google has entirely omitted the island of Erraid - one of many missing islands on their mapping.