Jack The Chicken Stalker

Jack was in the wrong queue, receiving an extra helping of sad eyes, when the brains were being handed out.

He's fascinated by the hens. He stalks them. He never tries to catch them, just stares with an obsessive fascination.

This photo shows Jack pursuing his obsession.

We've been staying with friends who live in a remote Northumberland farmhouse.

Driving there means negotiating a bumpy track with five gates, and once there, we're greeted by hens, cats, and four dogs.

Most are individuals with curious 'quirks' like Jack. Although if they could talk I'm sure they'd say these were fascinating character traits which made them windswept and interesting.

There's 'Indy', for example. Indy is mad. And blind. Hence his nickname, 'blindy'. A rescue dog, he runs in circles, always to the right. I'm not kidding.

Jilly is lovely, lively and we've known her since she was a pup. But yesterday morning she was barking at shadows. Or more likely, distant smells. Something was getting to her. Possibly the neighbour's quad bike?

Midge is a border terrier, who hardly left Liz's
lap from the moment we arrived, as you can see. I've since been pulling dog hairs out of my MacBook.
Midge craves the affection Liz is happy to provide as she would really like a dog and particularly border terrier. While we were in Northumberland I suggested we visit the factory where they're made.

If Midge ever has pups I suspect one of her off-spring will end up living with us.

Then we could all be barking mad.

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