For the next few days most updates will be by Twitter in the red box to the right of the photo (taken in the Arisaig skerries last week).

Today we're driving to Northumberland where I'm giving a talk tonight at the Adam & Eve Pub in Low Prudhoe.

Sadly we don't have our kayaks with us. We'd planned to turn the trip into a mini-holiday and paddle coast on which I grew up.

Unfortunately our planned building work has intervened. Until now, this work was going to vaguely happen 'some time in the future'. Well, that time has come.

Materials are being delivered on Friday and there's a lot of clearing to do before builders arrive Monday to start knocking down the end of our home.

I will be shooting some work-related video in Northumberland. I'm also hoping for some treatment on my shoulder which, after feeling fine for almost six months, has flared up at precisely the wrong time. That is to say, peak kayaking season.

Still, it might get me out of too much manual labour...

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