Return Of The Sea Kayak Podcasts

The world's first and, we like to think, best Podcast website for sea kayakers will return on 1st June. will initially offer one Podcast each month, aiming to rise to two or more each month before the end of the year.

Most will be thirty minute recorded interviews with people who have interesting stories to tell that are related to sea kayaking.

They're a great listen while commuting, on a long journey, training in the gym or out for a run. Occasionally we'll add some video too.

You'll be able to listen and watch the streamed content online, but we expect most people will download the Podcasts onto their mp3 players and iPods. We're told by listeners they're often kept and re-visited months later.

We're also investigating live interactive webcasts. We might even start taking sponsorship to pay for all this. But that's for the future.

1 comment:

David H. Johnston said...

Awesome. I have missed them greatly!