Shooting 3D Video with 2 GoPro HD Cameras?

I grabbed this still frame from the video below. I've prevously recommended Philip Bloom's excellent blog for those interested in video, especially shooting DSLR.

Here he's mixing with the big boys at Lucas Film.

But there's a short sequence which shows how relatively cheap cameras like the GoPro HD can be adapted with a little creativity.

I'd like to see the results!


philip bloom said...

this was knocked together by them that day. their new rig they had at NAB is awesome. We are talking a 3D rig for less than a grand. the results looks awesome too

paddlingOTAKU said...

You already know how much I love that camera. I am thinking I want a second, not for 3d, but for multiple angles on the same situations.


Simon said...

Hi Philip - good luck with the Avatar follow-up then. Perhaps it's finished by now? Seriously - keep up the good work with the blogging - you're a 'must read'.

PO - I was thinking of you when I posted that!