Thirteen Year Old Summits Everest

It happened yesterday. I deliberately waited before rushing to blog.

As I wrote in April, particularly in the comments to my own post, this doesn't seem like a good thing.

In fact, it seems like an inevitable, headlong rush towards a tragedy. Not for this kid perhaps, but for the next one, or the one after that.

It runs to about eight pages, but stick with it - it's well worth a read.


geoff said...

Hi Simon,
It is a difficult one. We have had a similar situation down here in Australia with the 16 year old Jessica Watson sailing single handed and non stop around the world. There was much criticism of her before she set out but she proved herself up to the task and returned in remarkably good shape physically and mentally. A fantastic effort and I truly applaud her. But somewhere, there has to be a limit on age and I do think for a 13 year old to summit Everest is extreme. There is always the concern that there is a certain amount of parent glory involved here......

paddlingOTAKU said...

Reading that article I definitely felt there was some parent glory happening, as Geoff put it. I feel like the Jessica Watson case is a little different, as A) she is 17, and B) it is a lot easier to rescue someone at sea than from 29,000 feet.

I am very torn, I think people should be allowed to do the things they want to do, but I also feel this is pretty reckless.