Tidal Power Generator Planned for Prime Sea Kayak Location- Skye

I lost count of the number of times we went to Kyle Rhea when filming Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown. All the tidal coaching sequence is shot there.

The tide is fast and crucially, the site is sheltered. Which is why tidal power developers have been eyeing it up for a while.

Now Pulse Tidal from Sheffield has applied for planning permission to build the tidal generator. It would be the first of its kind in the world. A year long environmental study is underway.

Full story in Press and Journal. Video I made in 2008 for BBC Newsnight Scotland about Orkney Tidal Power below.

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Anonymous said...

All the "Red Tape" in this country stinks, why doesn't the government listen to what people have to offer and give them the insentives to go ahead and do something about this crisis. I have an invention for a new type of tidal generator but no body is interested.