Back on Barra

After four years we're back on the lovely island near the southern end
of the Outer Hebrides. If the weather is with us, we hope to make it
further south to the last outpost of Barra Head on Berneray.

It was great to see Katie and Chris Denehy again, the nice folk who
run the hugely successful Clearwater Paddling and cozy hostel where we
are tonight. Chris gave me some excellent seal photos for my book and
was also my first Podcast interviewee.

It was a fairly spur-of-the-moment to come. Work I had planned for
this week isn't happening; it looks like a high pressure is building
over the west coast and could last all week; and it only costs £23
return to get here on CalMac.

But there's no phone signal, so no updates until we get back.

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