It's Boring To Blog About Builders

Which is why I've resisted doing it. Until today, when we moved our kitchen into our living room.

We live in a very small cottage. It's tiny. Our flat in Glasgow was larger.

Now the entire contents of the kitchen and one end of the loft, both of which were pretty full places, have been found new homes.

Our living room, as you can see, now boasts a fridge, freezer, microwave and dining table. Actually it's quite cosy.

Washing-up in the bath is less fun but a lot less trouble than those folk who have been living in a caravan since last year. There's a lot of that around here while people have houses built.

By comparison, our building work is modest.

A rickety old conservatory, which was freezing in winter and too hot in summer, has been torn down.

In its place, the end of the house is being extended, giving us a much larger kitchen with some nice large windows on the end.

It'll all be done soon. I hope.

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