Problems Disposing of Flares?

Are you having problems getting rid of out of date flares? If so I'd like to hear from you.

I'm working up a story on this subject.

There are now only eighteen locations to dispose of TEPs (Time Expired Pyrotechnics) listed on the map alongside. Some are open just a few hours, one day each month, and the TEPs have to be booked in.

You'll notice there is one, yes one location, for the entire west coast of mainland Scotland. That's one of the largest, busiest sailing areas in the country.

The coastguards I've spoken to seem aware there is a problem. I have 4 TEPs to dispose of, and they were keen to do what they could to help me within the limitations of their system.

I've already heard some alarming information on this, off the record, from people in the know.

I will publish what I know when I can although it might appear first on a larger platform.

For now, if you have had trouble disposing of flares, I'd like to hear from you. sunartmediaATmeDOTcom



Silbs said...

Here in the Milwaukee area (USA) there is no organization that accepts old flares. Fortunately, one local yacht club has an annual flare shoot where one can burn off a lot of them. One of the members has taken upon himself to collect the rest and bring them along the following year for those with no flares who wish to practice. It is a big problem around here.

Douglas Wilcox said...

Hi Simon, I have solved the problem buy not buying flares and using an EPIRB instead. I still buy the occasional Day/Night flare just for final homing in purposes. I just keep the old one as a backup, at the moment I only have 2daynight/flares an expired 7 year old one and a 2 year old one.

Simon said...

Hi Silbs - you know, that's a good idea. I could see that catching on here with coastguard permission of course, as (I think) it's an offence to fire a flare when not an emergency.

Hi Douglas - I'm going down the same route as you. Once the rocket flares are out f date, I won't be replacing them. I have replaced our night/day ones though.

David said...

I wouldn't want to shoot an expired pyrotechnic - because one reason it might have expired is that it may be dangerous to shoot. I have lots that need to go somewhere - thanks for the info Simon.

Simon said...

Ahh, yes, good point David.