Sea Kayaking on Tripbase

Eleven websites have made it onto the Tripbase review page for Sea Kayaking. I'm delighted that Wenley's excellent On Kayaks blog is top of the pile, with Douglas Wilcox's

I check every update on both, along with KayakQuixotica. The unparalleled UK Sea Kayak Guidebook is also there too. So I'm also rather pleased to find my humble offering in such illustrious company. Look, I even get a gold star. I haven't had one of those since I was seven.

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Wenley said...

Whoa! I am deligthed but that is far too kind of Tripbase.

I would personally place that website at the end on any list: Just in Great Britain, Wilcox, Duncan, Mark and of course, you, have blogs that interest me more than my own.