Filming On Harris

If Scotland ever has a third National Park, then it would most likely be the Isle of Harris. For people who love the outdoors, and in particular, love capturing the images it presents, then there are few better places than this. Joe and me are shooting features to go in a whole day of live, new-route rock climbing to be broadcast on the BBC on 28th August (see earlier story).

We're sharing our wee B&B with one of the two star climbers of the programme, Dave MacLeod. He's spending his days dangling from abseil ropes (tricky on such a hugely overhanging cliff) trying to decide which new line to attempt. Each day he does a long walk in and out. The life of a professional rock climber is a strange one.

Joe and I can't moan about our 'tough day filming' when we think about what sits on Dave's shoulders.

Previous free climbing attempts failed;
utterly massive cliff - it's hard for the eye to register the scale;
fantastically hard rock climbing on pimples of rock most people could hardly see, let alone stand on or hang off;
potential for high wind and driving rain;
oh yes, and a cleared television schedule just for you - a whole day of expensive live high definition broadcasting - requiring you to find a line and to climb it.

No pressure then.... I'll stick to the features.

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Wenley said...

Dave MacLeod? Wow, he's good!