One Great Ride - Two Ferries

There's something exciting about a ferry journey.

Leaving one shore behind and crossing to a new piece of land sprinkles a little extra spice onto any adventure.

So a one-day circular bike ride which uses two ferries, and passes through some of the best scenery on Scotland's west coast, is going to be a classic.

I first did this ride a couple of years ago and wrote a short article about it, but didn't know the total distance due to a bike computer error. (Cont)

Now I know it's a very manageable 67 miles with no absolute monster hills. It's highly recommended, but not on a Saturday. That's when most holiday cottages have their change-over days and there are many more nervous drivers on the single-track roads.

Ferry One, Kilchoan to Tobermory

Ferry two, Fishnish to Lochaline

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